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Tournament Schedule

Schedule and format are subject to change.

Tournament 1
Sat., December 11, 2021

Tournament 2
Sat., January 22, 2022

Evanston Girls' Tournament
Sat., February 5, 2022

Tournament 3
Sat., February 26, 2022

Evanston Championships
Sat., April 23, 2022
Chute Middle School
Advance registration only
info distributed through schools

Sign In/Sign Out form

Here's a sign-in/sign-out form for our tournaments. It is set up to print two copies on one piece of paper, then cut in half.
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Notation Sheet Master

Here's a master for a notation sheet. It's an acrobat PDF and can be printed on any computer printer. It is a two-sided, two-up form and designed so you'll get two notation sheets out of each letter-sized piece of paper.
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Chess Resources Handout

This resources handout lists web sites, chess playing and learning sites suitable for children, and beginner chess books. It is set up two-up you'll get two flyers out of each letter-sized piece of paper.
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First-Time Player Certificates

This PDF contains generic First-Time player certificates. The first page is a certificate for boys ("by competing in his first"); the second page is for girls. Print them out on the letter-sized paper of your choice. Names and dates can be filled in either by hand, or by printing blank certificates, then feeding the printed certificates through your printer a second time and positioning the name and date on the sheet. The text is in the font Monotype Corsiva.
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Flyer about Evanston Scholastic Chess

This PDF is a one-page flyer for parents that gives a basic description of Evanston Scholastic Chess and what we do. The flyer is bilingual: English on the first page and Spanish on the second page. It's suitable for curriculum nights, Friday folders, PTA meetings, etc. click here

Quad Form

This is a form for pairing and keeping track of results for a "chess quad", where four players play each other.

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